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“My adoption was finalized today.  Thank you so much for helping us through.  You made the adoption affordable! I am so happy for the adoption to be final after waiting 5 years and not being able to afford it until now.”  Byrne, from Alberta

“We wanted to say thank you for helping us with our adoption.  Our daughter and son feel like part of one family now and they are so happy this is completed.  Thanks for all your help and support.”   Yuan, from British Columbia


“I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me.  The adoption is now done and we are so happy.  I have peace of mind knowing that my husband is now the father of my daughter and a million thanks to you all for a great service.”  Fields, from Ontario


“Hello! This letter is to all of the great and knowledgeable staff at Reliable Adoption.  I wanted to say a big thank-you!.  My husband adopted my daughter today and she is so happy.  She will now have a father on her birth record and she is so happy.  You certainly made the process easy and affordable for us.  Please tell everyone who worked with us thanks.”   Rigg, from Ontario


“Your company is truly awesome.  With your help and our persistence, we got the Judge to sign the final adoption papers and the adoption is not complete.  We appreciate the support you gave us.  I will definitely recommend you to others who want to complete an adoption like ours.”   Ritchie from Alberta


“I wanted to send you a note to thank you for helping in the step parent adoption process for our son.  We had a celebration party when the adoption was finalized, and my son is happy to be officially part of our family.  We couldn’t afford an attorney otherwise we would have done this sooner.  When we found your company on the internet, we had hope that we could finally complete the adoption.  Now it is final, and we want to say Thanks!!”  Bulger, from New Brunswick


“I have recommended your company to my friend.  Your company has been great.  Thanks for all the help!”  Vantour, from Ontario


“My son is no longer my stepson!!  Our adoption was finalized without any problems.  Thanks for all your help.”     Berberon, from Manitoba


“My experience with your company has been great.  Our adoption was final last week and everything went perfect.  You were great to work with and you were always professional.  I am glad I chose you to help us complete our adoption.”   McCarthy, from Alberta


“I am writing to thank you for the help you gave us in completing our adoption.  We were concerned whether our adoption would go through without using an lawyer, but we couldn’t afford one.  We are so thankful that you provide a service to help people complete adoptions when they can’t afford an lawyer.  The process was much easier than we expected and we appreciate you helping us through the process.”   Savva, from Ontario


We help our customers save money over the cost of an adoption attorney.  We look forward to showing you the same level of commitment to service.

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